HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Narmada Polyfab is one of the India foremost Tarpaulin, HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer and Supplier. While manufacturing it we are using high quality HDPE sheets which contain dunnage sheets, portable threshing floors, HDPE Tarpaulin. We are a certified firm engaged in offering the finest quality of HDPE Tarpaulin. Having years of experience in this domain, we are committed to maintain low prices and constantly improving the products and services, which made us to be India’s most favorite manufacturer and supplier of canvas. Being a certified organization, we make use of quality raw material while carrying out the production process to ensure zero defects in the final output. Our moral  practices and client centric method have enabled us to garner a wide client base in the indian as well international market. ethical practices and client centric approach have enabled us to garner a wide client base in the domestic and global markets. Our industrial tarpaulins are made from Canvas, PVC, Polyethylene, or other specialized Textiles which are water-resistant, chemical resistant, fire retardant, radiant heat protective and UV stable. Our commercial tarpaulins offer a heavy duty and cost effective custom solution to cover and guard your plant, tools, vehicles, workspace, product and body from the sun, wind, rain, dirt and fire.

HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply the best quality of HDPE Tarpaulin, which are considered as a long-lasting material. We provide Coated Woven HDPE Sheet , Bike Cover Tarpaulin, HDPE Woven Fabric, Etc At Affordable Prices. On receiving various requirements from customer we started to supply every kind of Tarpaulin so that customer can buy any kind of canvas for their uses from our company. They are washable so that we can use again and again for any other use. It has torn less property so that it won’t tear itself unless we use sharp metal like blades to tear out.

HDPE Woven Fabric

Narmada Polyfab is one of the major companies in India as HDPE Woven Fabric Manufacturers which is mainly used in packaging, to cover or to protect the products. We manufacture every product keeping in mind about environmental safety so that in case of leakage the environment may not get disturbed. This High Density Poly Ethylene Fabric is Weather Resistance, eco-friendly, recyclable, long lasting. We manufacture HDPE woven fabric using the finest quality of raw materials which gives more durability and flexibility. Here, we manufacture woven fabric laminated as well as non-laminated which we provide as per customer’s needs at affordable prices. Nowadays, HDPE Woven Fabric is highly demanded in transportation to cover the products because it protect from UV radiation and rain.

HDPE Laminated Fabric

HDPE Laminated Fabric is made from purely tested quality of raw material which provides flexibility. HDPE fabric is laminated using LDPE /LLDPE sheet which improves durability of the product. Our fabric is neatly stitched and soft flatness which gives a flawless finishing look. Our company‘s infrastructure contains manufacturing unit, testing lab, warehouse, etc. So, we always supply our products with lab test due to which you can get a perfect and finished product. You can use HDPE laminated fabric in agricultural, household work, garage during rainy season, etc. So we say it has everlasting uses. We have HDPE laminated fabric in different colors and in various designs as per the requirement of client.


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    We always use the best quality of raw material during manufacturing of products and our expertise manufacture with a broad knowledge.

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    Our employees give their best to deliver the products on the time decided which improves our brand.

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    Our work is always logical and due to this we can run our firm smoothly.

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    Our laboratory contains modern instruments with advance knowledge which follows strict norms


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Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Being prominent manufacturer in India, we have a wide range of products and supply as per customer’s requirement. We are engaged in manufacturing the Tarpaulin in various types and these are used in diverse fields such as agricultural, floor sheets, infrastructure, machine cover and household work. Its 100 percent waterproof property and UV thermal weather resistance play an important role as Lorry Tarpaulin Cover, Truck Cover, Industrial Tarpaulin, and Plastic Sheet. We supply our products everywhere in India even in small areas too, so you may never get any problems while online marketing. Even you can buy our products in markets like shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. They are light in weight so you can handle it easily anywhere.

HDPE Tarpaulin In India

We manufacture HDPE Tarpaulin with the help of finest quality of raw materials and colors. Narmada Polyfab is one of the leading HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. This company is ISO 9001-2008 certified. We launched manufacturing units in 2016. HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer provides HDPE sheet in various sizes and different colors as per customer’s requirement. We provide Green Plastic Tarpaulin with double coated which also looks like eco-friendly, Rained PVC sheet which seems Blue in color, etc. This tarpaulin is unaffected by chemicals, alkalies and micro bacteria. One of the main advantage is such sheets are easily available in the online as well as offline market where you can see various types of HDPE tarpaulin.

HDPE Tarpaulin

We are considered to be leading manufacturers and suppliers of HDPE Tarpaulin, which are accessible in diverse colors, durability, thickness, light weight structures and size according to the customer’s requirement. HDPE tarpaulin is fashioned by laminating the HDPE fabric with LDPE, LLDPE on both the sides. Usually there are 3 layers in HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin from which 2 layers are of LDPE or LLDPE and the remaining one layer is of woven HDPE Fabric.

HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin is used to protect the products from dust and moisture. We provide such tarps, which is used to assemble tent due to its excellent water resistant property. This is light in weight, heavy on protection, shrink proof, easy to handle and wash, puncture resistance. These tarpaulins are widely used in various areas like transportation, chemicals, sugar, Textile industry, Spinning mills, Shipping, Steel plants, Agriculture, Tent house and various propose.

Coated Woven HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturers

Narmada Polyfab is well-known manufacturer and supplier of Coated Woven HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturers in India. While manufacturing the Coated Woven HDPE Tarpaulin, we are using the finest quality of plastic which is coated on both the side. We supply it in various sizes and different colors as well as transparent, which suits in any situation. It is light in weight, flexible, heavy in durability, UV resistance, Fire Retardant, etc. It has endless uses in most of the fields some use in the household as floor mate, some use to cover their vehicles, also uses to make sheds, tents, used to create a vermin-bed. The only main work of Tarpaulin is to protect the substance/place from UV radiation, Rain, Moisture.  



We supply and manufacture the best quality of HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin, which is tested in the lab. We always supply trending types of HDPE laminated canvas. You also get old designed tarpaulin here as we manufacture the products as per the client’s needs. Mostly, this is used in the rainy season as it is the best waterproof from all of the products. Advantage of our product is you can buy easily in the supermarket or online marketing or you can just mail your requirement and we supply it as soon as possible wherever you want. Narmada Polyfab is well-known for tarpaulin in India due to our product’s quality and we have 2 decades experience of tarpaulin manufacture and our infrastructure is designed as per technically and safety by our consultant.


Water proof tarpaulin is made of substance like polyethylene that has been covered with a polyethylene coating to make it completely waterproof. Narmada Polytab is also known as Water Proof Tarpaulin Manufacturer as our products are hugely demanded by the customers across the globe. We use premium quality of high density poly-ethylene in manufacturing Water proof HDPE tarpaulin. Mostly it is used as insulation, in all-purpose covering, agricultural, tents, packaging, to make disposal sheets used in cattle farm, vermi-bed. We supply flawless finished and variegated thickness Water proof HDPE tarpaulin with ISO certified.

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