Double Coated Heavy Duty Tarpaulin

Double Coated Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Manufacturer :-

On receiving many of the demands, we started to manufacture Double Coated Heavy Duty Tarpaulin, which is designed with five layers where HDPE fabric is sandwiched between two Layers of LLDPE each side which also gives the sturdiness and flexibility in nature. Due to its layer, their water-resistance property is unbeatable and due to its tearless property, it protects us from any weather condition like extreme heat or cold or rain. This sheet is used as tents in military or camps or in trekking, as banners to advertise the company products because of its excellent printability, covers of vehicle protect our vehicle from starching, moisture, etc. The uses of such sheet are endless. These heavy duty tarpaulins are light in weight but heavy in durability. It is also used as an emergency protection from bad weather of the nature. We are widely providing our products so your requirement will be solved easily just by informing us your requirement and also we solve all the queries you have regarding the product. We deliver at doorstep at the provided time. Due to this you never get any problems during online marketing.

There are lots of benefits of Double Coated Heavy Duty Tarpaulin and they are trouble-free in handling, Available in several colors and sizes, always provides the product as per the customer’s requirement, light in mass, heavy in durability which also means that it gives longer life as compare to other plastics and many more.

Double Coated Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Manufacturer
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