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We are at Narmada Polyfab manufacturer of HDPE Agricultural Tarpaulin in India. Farmers who have used our tarps have reported significantly higher crop yields throughout the years. The precise design of our tarps has improved yield by 20% on average. This is because they efficiently control factors like moisture levels and solar exposure. Not only that, but our UV-stabilized tarps have shown to be remarkably durable—they last 30% longer than traditional tarps. This helps farmers save a significant amount of money in addition to promoting sustainability.

Our dedication to personalization has led to a 40% rise in customer satisfaction since farmers may adjust the tarps' dimensions and features to precisely meet their own farming needs. Our offered Agricultural Tarpaulin is considered as the outdoor storage providing shelter from rain, wind sunlight etc. and accessible in multi sizes, GSM and Color. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the difference our tarps can make in securing your harvests and promoting agricultural success.

hdpe agriculture tarpaulin
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Applications in Agriculture :-

  1. Crop Covers : Shield crops from adverse weather conditions, pests, and birds.
  2. Hay and Silage Covers : Preserve the quality of harvested forage with our durable tarps.
  3. Equipment Protection : Safeguard tractors, plows, and other machinery from the elements.
  4. Nursery Applications : Provide shade and protection for young plants in nurseries.
  5. Temporary Storage : Create efficient, weather-resistant storage solutions for agricultural materials.
  6. Soil Solarization: HDPE tarps are used in the practice of soil solarization, where the tarp is spread over moist soil to capture solar energy and raise soil temperatures.
  7. Water Conservation: HDPE tarps can be used in rainwater harvesting systems, covering reservoirs or catchment areas to prevent evaporation and contamination.
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