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Canvas tarpaulin is made up of pure and durable cotton, so they are more eco-friendly then the tarps made up of polyurethane. So many years, tones of plastics are manufactured from crude oil, which never degrades into the soil nor evaporates. While manufacturing it 60% of reprocessed plastic materials are used and we work hardly to provide you the supreme quality of the natural tarps sheet. So we decided to produce eco-friendly which has high strength and almost all the characteristics of brand new products are 100% recyclable. Narmada Polyfab offers the best environmental sheet which is extremely durable, bendy, and watertight.

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The benefits of this product are

  • It is high in toughness
  • Perfect water-resistance
  • Available in various beautiful shades
  • Available as per your requirement
  • Burnished surface
  • Finishing stitches
  • Provides long service
  • Double-sided watertight

Applications of Eco Friendly Tarpaulin

  • Water barrier
  • To cover your machines and equipment
  • Agricultural
  • In Household work
  • Military
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