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We are leading manufacturer of PE Tarpaulins. We take great satisfaction in offering premium polyethylene solutions that redefine protection and adaptability in a range of industries. Our PE Tarpaulins are made of high-quality polyethylene and are a testament to their exceptional strength, resilience to the elements, and longevity. Our PE Tarpaulins are the dependable option when it comes to protecting building sites, protecting agricultural assets, securing cargo during transit, or building weatherproof shelters for outdoor activities. Our dedication to quality is evident in our customisation options, which meet precise specifications for thickness, color, and size as well as in our reinforced edges and seams for longer durability.

PE Tarpaulin

We are Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include PE waterproof tarpaulin, pp tarpaulins and pe tarpaulins. PE waterproof tarpaulin provides a lot of benefits to agriculture, building construction, and transportation. They can protect you and your workplace from rain, strong winds, and sunlight.
For PE tarpaulins that offer unmatched protection and flexibility while meeting or beyond industry standards, put your trust in Narmada Polyfab.

pe tarpaulin Manufacturers in india
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  • Construction covers
  • Agricultural shelters
  • Transportation tarps
  • Outdoor event shelters
  • General-purpose covers

PE Tarpaulin Specifications :--

Brand Narmada Polyfab
Material: Premium Polyethylene (PE)
Thickness Options: Available in various thicknesses to meet specific application requirements.
Dimensions: Customizable sizing options to cater to individual needs.
Standard sizes available for quick and efficient solutions.
Color Options: Diverse range of colors to suit aesthetic preferences or industry standards.
UV Stabilization: Engineered with UV-resistant properties for prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Waterproofing: High-level waterproofing to shield against rain, snow, and other forms of moisture.
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