HDPE Tarpaulin


We manufacture HDPE Laminated tarpaulin with the finest quality of HDPE woven fabric. High Density Poly Ethylene is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. Mostly, HDPE is applied due to its durability, translucent, low cost, excellent chemical resistance. By laminating the HDPE fabric with LDPE, LLDPE we get HDPE Tarpaulin. It is of two types: Coated Woven HDPE Tarpaulin and Double coated heavy duty tarpaulin. In single coated, HDPE woven fabric is laminated with one sheet of LDPE/LLDPE on each side so we get 3 layers. In Double coated heavy duty, HDPE woven fabric is laminated with two sheets of LDPE/LLDPE on either side so that we can find 5 layers in total.

HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin Manufacturer in Ahmedabad provides you various colors of tarpaulin with several ranges and cleans finishing. While developing it we are using UV master batch, virgin raw material, and top quality color master batches. The properties of HDPE tarpaulin are Good strength, good water resistance, high gas permeability, good electrical resistance, chemical resistance. The advantages of HDPE tarpaulin are Long-lasting, good impact resistance, puncture resistance, ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance). As HDPE Tarpaulin is excellent water and chemical resistance so we use it for covering products like dam cover, bike cover, truck cover, machinery products, as sheds, etc.

HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin Manufacturer
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Benefits of HDPE Tarpaulin

  • Use of canvas tarpaulin in farming

    In agriculture, the grains are stored in canvas to protect from rain, Ultraviolet radiation of the sun, and hails storm. And due to this, we get fresh and clean grains consume. HDPE Tarpaulin used as bunker covers

  • Use of HDPE Tarpaulin as water resistance

    As HDPE tarpaulin has water resistant property, it is used as packaging of food. It is used as thermal covers to keep you warm and cozy.

  • Use of Tarpaulins during camping/trekking

    We use a Custom tarpaulin in camping, trekking; working outside as shelter from natural disasters like rain, storm. This is the best solution for having a shelter when you stuck throughout trekking.

Features of HDPE Tarpaulin

  • Shiny surface
  • Flexible
  • Light weight
  • Good Strength
  • Available in various colors and size
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